CCPC Political Director Steve Holecko announces District 14 State Rep candidacy

For Immediate Release –

Yesterday  I filed petitions to become a candidate in the Ohio House of Representatives District 14 Democratic Primary on May 8. The organization I now manage, The Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, has been recruiting progressive candidates to run in as many Statehouse races as possible just as we did in the municipal elections last year. Recently it became clear that no progressive candidate would ultimately emerge in the District 14 race. It then became clear to me that it was my duty to the progressive movement and to the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus to become the progressive candidate myself in the District 14 race. My campaign slogan when I ran for this seat in 2014 was 100% committed to the 99%. My campaign slogan in 2018 is still 100% committed to the 99%. 

I became a full time activist and organizer after a 35 year career teaching History and Government in the Berea City School District. The most exciting and fulfilling period of my activist career has been the last two years. Early in 2016 I was a Field Organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign. In the summer of 2016 I was a proud Sanders delegate at the Democratic National Convention. At the same time I was a co-founder of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus and have been its Political Director ever since. In all of my roles I have focused on defending the Progressive Democratic Party values of fairness, equality and opportunity. In Columbus I will fight for

  1. Ohio universal healthcare coverage
  2. Equal pay and a livable wage for all
  3. Respect for women's healthcare decisions
  4. A fair economy and an end to corporate tax giveaways
  5. Clean energy and strong environmental protections
  6. Restoration of adequate school and community funding
  7. Oppose any attacks on workers rights

During the campaign I intend to remain in my role as the CCPC Political Director, with many of my day to day responsibilities now being handled by others in our all-volunteer organization. I will recuse myself from any involvement in CCPC's candidate endorsement process since I myself will be seeking CCPC's endorsement, which will be determined by a vote of our membership.

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