Campaign Kick-off

A standing-room-only crowd attended the official kick-off rally of Steve Holecko’s campaign for state representative, District 14, on Sunday.

The rally also served as grand opening of a shared office for the campaigns of Holecko, Nickie J. Antonio for state senate District 23, and Mike Skindell for state representative District 13. All three candidates have been endorsed by the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus.

Holecko commenced the afternoon's remarks from the candidates, recounting how he recently answered an octagenarian's question "what is a progressive?"

Holecko said that his answer was that a progressive is identified by having, essentially, a bold agenda for progress in preference to making minimal changes.

"If we think big—dream big—we can achieve great things," he said.

Antonio and Skindell, both current legislators, spoke highly of Holecko as the kind of colleague they need more of in the legislature.

They and Holecko are all seeking the Democratic Party nomination for their districts in the May 8 primary.